Arkansas Secretary of State

Arkansas Secretary of State

The Arkansas Secretary of State (SOS) oversees the local election laws. He/she serves as a chair of the board of election commissioners.

The person serving in this role also deals with redistricting of legislative districts. Heading the Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission is also among the duties.

In addition to this, the official is in charge of registering businesses. The website of the Secretary of State Arkansas briefs on doing business. To clarify, it contains information about opening an LLC, searching for existing ones, details on costs, etc.

This article will provide details on how to start a legal business in the state.

How Do I Submit My Business Name?

The first step is to define the company a person wants to run. Choosing the structure depends on the type of activities and liabilities. On the positive side, this brochure is an excellent guide. It uncovers all aspects of becoming an entrepreneur.

The main types of entities are:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • General partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Non-Profit Corporation

Before starting, it is important to protect owners from liability. In addition, tax treatment by the government and management structure is a crucial point to consider.

Once this stage is overcome, the next step is to find a unique name. However, one is not free to choose any option that he/she wants. SOS reserves the right not to let you use it. The problem occurs if there is a violation of the trademark. Therefore, one should check it beforehand.

How Do You Find Out Who Owns LLC?

When dealing with any LLC, you might wonder who is the owner. In this case, there is an easy way to look into the issue.

The good news is that it is possible to take use of the Arkansas secretary of state entity search. It is an online filing system. The system utilizes new technology, enabling users to find a firm or organization. Moreover, there are options to search for profits and non-profit entities.

The user is allowed to look up:

  • Incorporations
  • Cooperatives
  • Banks and Insurance Agencies

As mentioned above, one is free to use the lookup. However, it is only a preliminary tool. In any case, confirmation from SOS is a must. In addition, the officials offer clear guidelines. They help when checking if the name is available.

Business Name Reservation

Name reservation requires certain steps. The process starts with filling in an application form. The applicant should choose the filing act accordingly.

The next step is to present information about the entity and personal details. Be careful to submit relevant information. The documents are returned to the address you present.

Paper Form and Fees

The online application is easy to proceed with. There is a chance to pay by credit card or ACH. Another option is to mail the documents. In this case, click “PDF” to print the form and attach the payment.

The fees vary depending on the type of entity. Check the entire list to avoid misunderstanding. For example, the fee for applying for the reserved name is $25. Filing articles of incorporation will cost $50.

Annual Reports

The platform also enables the submission of reports electronically. There is a processing charge of $5 and a $3 electronic check payment. The only details one needs are a file number and federal tax ID. However, this works for companies that have signed up for franchise tax filings.

Commercial Registered Agents

A registered agent is an individual acting on your behalf. Before appointing, be sure that the agent meets the requirements. The AR agent must be a local resident. In the case of a company, it has to provide registered services. Having a physical address in the state is a must.

The agent’s duties include accepting legal documents and official mail. In other words, the officials get a reliable way to contact you. In addition, they give instructions on how to submit franchise tax reports.

Once you choose the agent, you should inform the authorities. The signed application form is submitted to the office. The fee is $50.

Contact Information

SOS has three offices. There is the executive headquarters located in the Capitol. Another is the Northwest office in Fayetteville.

The Commercial Services Department deals with the above issues.

The address is as follows:

1401 W. Capitol Avenue, Suite 250 
Little Rock, AR 72201 
Tel.: 501-682-3409

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