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There are surmountable amounts of jobs and opportunities to choose from in Arkansas, here we have arranged a list of major licenses Arkansas has to offer. From A-Z we have narrowed down the major licenses the state of Arkansas has, you can expand your field from an Attorney’s license all the way to becoming a plumber. The following is a list of compiled major licenses which Arkansas has to offer. If you’re having trouble figuring out your career path or how to progress through your career path, this list will give you assurance.

Arkansas Accountant License

The first step in obtaining your Arkansas state CPA license is to attend and graduate from a school which is recognized by the Arkansas State Board of Public Accountancy. You must complete 30 semester hours of undergraduate accounting courses and at least 20 semester hours of graduate accounting courses. Once you’ve completed your pre-licensing courses and passed your courses, it’s now time for you to take the state-certified CPA exam. The next step starts with paying a $50 application fee for your exam, once you’ve completed your exam and received your passing score it’s time to gain some experience before being licensed. The next step is to gain experience in the field of work, the Arkansas State Board of Public Accountancy requires you to fulfill 2,000 hours of work experience before applying for licensure, also make sure to have your work experience documented and supervised by a licensed CPA worker. Once you’ve completed your 2,000 hours of field-work it’s now time to apply for your CPA license. The final step is to contact the Arkansas State Board of Public Accountancy to receive your application form and submit it to the state board for reviewing. Once the board accepts your application, you’re now ready to practice as a licensed CPA.

Arkansas Attorney License

The first step in obtaining your Arkansas attorney license is to make sure your pre-licensing courses are completed and you’ve passed and obtained your pre-law degree. You’re first required to graduate from an (ABA) American Bar Association accredited-law school. Once you’ve graduated and obtained your pre-law degree it is now time to study hard for the (LSAT) Law School Admission Test. Once you apply for the LSAT you’re required to pay the $190 examination fee and once you’ve received your passing score it’s now the appropriate time to apply to a law school in Arkansas. You’re allowed to attend and graduate from any one of the 200 ABA approved law schools in the United States. Once you’ve passed all the required coursework in law school, the next step is to study and pass the Arkansas state Bar exam. Once you’ve completed and passed your bar exam, you’ll receive your passing score in the mail and now are allowed to practice law in the state of Arkansas.

Arkansas Auction License

Do you plan to engage in auctioneering? It means you have to put in all the efforts to gain an Arkansas auction license. It is not difficult. You just need to present the required documentation, take the examinations, and have a favorable background. This article tells you what kind of applications you have to submit, and equips you with much more important information. Before starting to dive deep into the topic, make sure you know the difference between an “Auctioneer” and an “Auction House” license. While the former can accept consignments for selling or bidding at an auction, the latter may not do his/her own bidding. Its owners are only allowed to accept consignments and sell them.

Arkansas Auto-Dealer License

In order to obtain an auto-dealer license the first step would be to contact a local zoning authority in order to open the business in the specific location of your liking. The next step would be to obtain your auto dealer bond by filling out an application and paying the required fee of around $25,000. Once you’ve finished paying off your required bond fee, you’ll need to obtain proof of liability insurance to the state of Arkansas so that every vehicle on sale will be covered. Once you’ve covered your liability insurance you’ll need to take photos of your business sign and site, while compiling the required documents for your business such as a list of potential salespeople and the name, address, and phone number of each person in charge of receiving legal disputes against the applicant. When you’ve completed all these steps it is now time to apply for your dealer license. Once you’ve submitted your application and the licensing fee of $250, an inspector will contact you for a thorough inspection once you’ve received your business license. You’ll then be ready to open your dealership for operation.

Arkansas Barber License

The Arkansas Board of Barber Examiners handles the licensing process. It issues licenses to qualified persons. There are particular standards to correspond with. The first one is enrolling in approved coursework. The training covers everything a hairdresser should know. After graduating from it, you must apply for the permit. It includes completing the application form and signing it. When they confirm it, you will qualify for the exams. There are three of them. Being that they are practical, written, and oral. When you successfully pass them, you will get your certification. Make sure you renew it every two years. It expires on your birth month. The fee is $40.

Arkansas Business License

The first step in obtaining your business license is to make sure the business name and location you choose does not represent that of another active business. The next step is to select a business entity whether it’s a sole proprietorship, general proprietorship, a corporation, or an (LLC) Limited Liability Company. Once you’ve finished choosing your type of entity, you must register a business name and file for a (EIN) Employer Identification Number. The EIN is a tax identification number from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) which identifies and tracks the business operation and tax returns to the business. The next step is important in obtaining your license, you must apply for the business permits and license. There is no general business license in the state of Arkansas but some cities do require business licenses for small businesses. The final two steps are to hire your employees and find a type of financing for your business such as a conventional bank loan or a small business grant in order to get your business up and running once you’re licensed.

Arkansas Cannabis and Marijuana License

Recreational use of cannabis is illegal in Arkansas. Though there have been some attempts to legalize it, recreational use still remains against the law.

There are rather strict punishments for cannabis recreational use. Using it for the first time may cost you a maximum of 1 year imprisonment. But this is only for up to 110g marijuana use.

For 1st-time marijuana adult use, you can also be fined up to $2,500. Moreover, your AR driver’s license will not be available for you for up to 6 months.

Arkansas General Contractor License

In order to obtain a contractor’s license in Arkansas you must first choose whether you’d like to work as a commercial contractor or a residential contractor. Now that you’ve chosen the type of contractor you’d like to work as, it’s time to apply for licensure to the state board of Arkansas. The application forms as well as the rules and regulations may be found on the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board’s website. On your license application you’re required to list three written references from a qualified individual who’s seen and observed your experience through work and practice. Before you submit your contractor’s license application, you must also provide a financial statement and also a proof of worker’s compensation insurance coverage. Once you’ve completed this step you must submit your license application along with the $100-$200 fee. Both residential and commercial licenses require a passing grade on the Business and Law Test in order to be accepted for licensure. Once you complete and pass this test the final step is to obtain your Arkansas contractor license bond which must have a value of $10,000. When you’ve completed this process, you’re now ready to accept your license and begin independently working.

Arkansas Cosmetology License

In order to work as a licensed cosmetologist you must first complete a state-accredited cosmetology program with at least 1,500 hours of formal training. Once you’ve learned all the different techniques and preparations of cosmetology, you’ll be ready to apply for licensure. To apply for licensure you must have finished two years of high school and be at least 16 years of age or older. Once you’ve applied for your license and paid the $65 examination fee, it’s time to take the practical exam to earn your license. You’ll need to pass the written and practical examinations the Arkansas state board has to offer, and once you’ve completed and passed both exams, you’ll be ready to accept your license and make sure to maintain your license. There are no continuing education requirements, but you do have to make sure that your license is renewed on a biennial basis.

Arkansas Dental Hygienist License

To qualify for a dental hygienist license in Arkansas you must start out by graduating with a degree from a American Dental Association’s (ADA) approved program in dental hygiene. A Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) accredited-program will prepare you to take the National Board Examination for Dental Hygiene(NBDH) which is a requirement for licensure. The NBDH has two sections with 350 questions while one section focuses on basic dental hygiene practice, the other section includes 12-15 dental hygiene cases to discuss. Once you’ve successfully passed the NBDH it’s time to prepare for the Arkansas clinical dental hygiene examination and Jurisprudence examination. Once you’ve passed and completed all these examinations, it’s time for you to apply for licensure from the state of Arkansas. Once you’ve applied for licensure and sent your required fees with your application, your next step is to apply for a local anesthesia permit and send a permit so you can start your practice. Once you’ve been accepted for licensure and an anesthesia permit by the state of Arkansas you’re now ready to practice as a dental hygienist and make sure to renew your license on every first day of every even year.

Arkansas Driver License

To obtain an Arkansas driver’s license you should apply to the DFA Revenue Office.

There are 6 types of driver’s licenses. But, the most common types are class D and class M. Class D driver’s license is the usual license you need to drive non-commercial vehicles. You may apply for the DL class D if you are 14.

Arkansas Electrician License

The first step in obtaining your electrician license is to complete 800 hours of technical experience in a classroom, and at least 8,000 hours of of field/job experience. During your technical program you must work under the supervision of an electrical contractor to receive the job experience you need. After working as an apprentice and completing your required hours of coursework and experience, your next step is to take and pass the journeyman electrician examination in order to obtain your license. Once you’ve passed the exam you can work as a journeyman electrician until you’re ready to further your education into a mastered independent electrician.

Arkansas Insurance License

If you’re looking to become an insurance agent, the first step in this process would be to complete all your pre-licensing courses before you try and pass the licensing exam. Once you’ve finished all your hours of coursework it’s time for you to apply for your insurance license. When the board has reviewed your application in full, they will notify you when to take the Arkansas state insurance licensing exam. Your next step would be to pay the examination fee and study to make sure you pass the test with no mistakes. A full day after the examination you will be notified whether you’ve passed or failed and once you pass the test you’ll be ready to practice as an insurance agent in your field.

Arkansas License Plate Lookup

If you want to drive a car legally in Arkansas, you must get a license plate. And in order to get the plate, you need to register your cars. You have to register your cars within 30 days of the ownership in Arkansas. The state requires only a single rear license plate for a vehicle. And the serial format of the plate includes three numbers and three letters, but different types can have different serial formats.

You have different ways to apply for the Arkansas license plate. There are four categories of license plates in Arkansas: College, Persons with disabilities, military, and special interest.

The fees vary depending on the types of vehicle, the taxes, vehicle title, and so on. You can have your desired license plate, but for it, you must have a personalized license plate. Be very careful in order not to lose your Arkansas license plate, but if you lose it, request for a replacement as soon as possible.

Arkansas Marriage License

If you have planned to marry in Arkansas, you must apply for Arkansas Marriage License. Arkansas marriage license is a document that enables you to get officially married. The license must be with you before you perform your wedding ceremony.

Arkansas Marriage Licenses are issued by the County Clerk’s Office. In order to be eligible to apply, you must at least be 18 years old. However, teenagers under 18 can also marry if they can provide their parents’ or legal guardian’s consent. On your licensing day, you must have two witnesses and one officiant with you. And, of course, you must pay the state-required fee. Your license is valid for two months.

Arkansas Massage Therapist & Counseling License

The first step in obtaining your therapist license in Arkansas is to complete required education. After finishing your Bachelor of Science in Counseling at a state-accredited college, you’ll need to apply for and be accepted to a Master counseling program with another state accredited program. When you’ve completed your Master’s degree and pre-requisite education, you’ll need to apply for your Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC). You must supply letters of reference and write a letter of intent. The next step is to earn 3,000 hours of supervised experience in a public health setting which must be done in a 3-6 year time span, all applicants must complete at least a 1,000 hours of experience. Once you’ve completed this process you’ll need to apply for licensure and take your state exam. Once you’ve passed multiple state exams for licensure you’ll need to maintain your license and complete 24 hours of continuing education within every 2 years.

Arkansas Medical and Physician License

In order to obtain a medical license in the state of Arkansas you’re required to be at least 21 years of age or older. You must graduate from a state-accredited medical school and request all transcripts and coursework hours from that institution. Your next step is to submit your fingerprints and a background check per Arkansas Medical Practices Act Section 17-95-306. Before applying for licensure and taking the state exam you must have completed at least one year of internship or residency in an approved program. Next you must pass the (USMLE) United States Medical Licensing Examination before applying for licensure. Once you’ve finished all these steps you’ll submit your application to the state with a payment of a $400 application fee, once you’ve submitted your application the state board will thoroughly review it and you’ll receive your license within one month of your board review. Once you receive your license you’re now ready to practice in the medical field.

Arkansas Nursing License

The first step in obtaining your Arkansas nursing license is to complete a state-approved nursing program. Individuals can begin their RN application process in the last two months of their nursing programs, the RN application fee is around $75. Candidates must register with the company that administers their licensing exam, the NCLEX-RN Exam must be completed and passed before applying for licensure by endorsement. A candidate must have a 1,000 hours of practice the preceding year of applying for licensure. Once the Arkansas State Board of Nursing has reviewed your application, you’ll wait for acceptance of your license and once you’re accepted you’re ready to practice as a registered RN.

Arkansas Plumbing License

In order to become a journeyman plumber in the state of Arkansas you must meet a list of requirements. A journeyman plumber must have at least 4 years of experience in the work field either independently or under the supervision of a licensed plumber. As well as having field experience you must complete a state-approved apprentice program working a certain required number of hours under a licensed plumber. Your next step would be to send in your journey plumber application to the state as well as a $75 application fee. The final step in accepting your Arkansas journeyman plumbing license would be to complete and pass the state examination, once you’ve passed you will wait for the state board to send you approval of licensure.

Arkansas Private Investigator License

Arkansas is one of the states where you need a license to be a private investigator. You need to have relevant experience and qualifications. The local police are in charge of providing the necessary permit. Of course, it is better to have relevant expertise. For instance, you have more chances to get credentials, if you used to work as a police officer.

There are no specific educational requirements. However, a big plus is to have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. This will help much when applying for this job. In any case, be prepared to give fingerprints. Working as a P.I. without a license is a crime here. It is a Class 1 misdemeanor. This means you may face a fine or even up to one year in jail.

Arkansas Real Estate License

In order to obtain a real estate license in the state of Arkansas you must be 18 years of age or older. Your first step would be to complete 60 hours of Arkansas Real Estate Commission (AREC)-approved real estate education. Once you’ve finished this requirement it is time for you to apply for your real estate exam, you must provide your fingerprints along with a background check in your application for the licensing exam. The next step is to complete and pass the national and state examinations which are portions of the Pearson Vue Salesperson Real Estate Exam. Once you’ve completed and passed both these exams you’ll be ready to apply for licensure, you must submit all required applications and fees no later than 90 days of your passing exam scores to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission. Once you’ve received your license you may now go out and practice as a real estate agent.

Arkansas Security Guard License

Do you dream of a career in the safekeeping sphere? If so, you have perhaps a desire to protect people and personal property from crimes. Some states regulate only licensing for armed guards. In contrast, others set requirements for unarmed agents. In Arkansas, the state regulates both. There you have two options: become an armed or unarmed guard. For becoming an employee in that industry, just get the Arkansas security license. Without a doubt, once you qualify and get the certification, you are eligible to apply for jobs in the area of safety. Accordingly, comply with the rules. Complete the necessary training. After that, pass a background investigation. Lastly, submit the application and attach proper documentation. The fee is $40.

Arkansas Tattoo License

As the demand for body art and especially tattoos grows very fast the US keeps the necessary regulations and rules for them. So, is in the case of Arkansas.

To get Arkansas Tattoo License you must pass the training process, pay the application fee, and pass the written and practical exams. One of the most essential programs is the blood-borne pathogens course to qualify for the certification. After obtaining the licensure you should renew it every year by completing a renewal application process.

What refers to out of state artists then they must present all the needed documentation about the completed training courses, proof of their licensure, and pay the proper fees. There are strict regulations regarding tools sterilization and other working conditions. So, you will learn about them by reading the whole article.



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