Arkansas Insurance License

Arkansas Insurance License

There are several required steps to get your insurance license in Arkansas. In this article you will receive all the primary information, that will assist you to gain the Arkansas insurance license.

How do I get my insurance license in Arkansas?

All the information, that is included in this article refers to the resident license applicants.

On this spot you may see all the steps, that must be followed to get an Arkansas insurance license:

Step 1 – Complete the required prelicensing course.

You need to pass the prelicensing course before applying for the examination. You may study in the classroom or online. The course may last up to 20 hours (life, accident, health, sickness, property, casualty, personal lines).

The time overlook is required in Arkansas in case of the online courses. You need to complete the required number of study hours. A proctor must follow the exam for self-study courses. He should be a licensed agent or a third party person, who does not have any relationship with the applicant.

Step 2 – Apply for the licensing exam.

As soon as you complete the course, you may apply for the licensing exam. And before you submit the exam, you need to obtain the certificate of the completed educational course. The applicant can not get the permission to take part in the exam if he does not present his certificate. The expiration date of the certificate lasts 2 years from the completion date.

A candidate must present the following documents:

  • Primary ID with a photo and not expired signature
  • Secondary ID, that includes a signature
  • Proof of prelicensing education.

The fee for the exam

To complete the exam, you need to score at least 70% of the test. The fee for the exam for life, health, property, personal lines, title, crop-hail, surplus lines is $50. And the exam fee for the general adjuster, property adjuster, adjuster is $40.

You need to complete the Electronic Resident licensing at NIPR. The cost for the application is $20.

Step 3 – Check your fingerprint and the criminal background.

Another significant part of getting an insurance license in Arkansas is passing the Criminal background and fingerprint checking process. If there is a fraud upon your background check, then this will slow down the licensing process.

Step 4 – Apply for the Arkansas Insurance license.

You will receive a confirmation message of your request via Email. You can print your license at NIPR after 24 hours of passing the exam.

Step 5 – Complete the required continuing education.

Arkansas licensees must complete the required continuing education by licensee’s birth date every year. If the licensee does not hold the license for a full year, then he may apply for continuing education the other year. The adjusters may complete the continuing education on their birthday or before it.

What disqualifies you from getting an insurance license in the State of Arkansas?

The applicants who have committed a first-degree felony, a capital felony, or a felony related to money laundering or financial services can be prevented from getting the insurance license in Arkansas.

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