Arkansas Medical and Physician License

Arkansas Medical and Physician License

Thinking about becoming a doctor? Learn how to use Arkansas Medical Board license lookup to apply for the license.

Or, maybe you are scheduling your annual checkup and want to be safe and take better care of your health. So, it’d be better to confirm the validity of the doctor’s medical license. Because of its importance, Arkansas medical license lookup will help you.

Whether you want to confirm the validity of your license learn how to use Arkansas state medical license lookup or Medical license lookup Arkansas tools. But before, you’d be better to learn a few things about the Maryland medical license.

How do you get a medical license in Arkansas?

The path of becoming a doctor is long and hard. So, start with your education.

  • Firstly graduate from a med school approved by the Board.
  • Secondly, choose postgraduate training right for your profession. After that, complete at least one year of internship or residency practice approved by the ACGME. Then, the most important step is exams. Pass the required exams with high scores: COMLEX, FLEX, LMCC, NBOME, NBME, State Examination, and USMLE. These are the exams that are required by the State Boards.

Moreover, there are additional requirements that you should meet:

  • Be at least 21
  • Have a good character
  • Don’t have prior unprofessional conducts
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Prove your identity

The required documents

Here is the list of the required documents you should submit to the Board:

  1. Exam Scores. This should be requested from the testing agency.
  2. Medical School Transcript. This should be sent directly from the school.
  3. Medical education verification.
  4. Postgraduate training verification.
  5. Hospital Affiliation Verification.
  6. Medical Employment Verification.
  7. Non-medical Employment Verification.
  8. Liability Insurance Verification.
  9. Malpractice Claims.

All these documents should be completed by the employers, deans, or hospital directors. And, you should send the documents to the following mail address:

Arkansas State Medical Board
Attn: Licensure Department
1401 West Capitol Avenue, Suite 340
Little Rock, AR 72201


You may use the Federation Credentials Verification Service to speed up the application process. The FCVS allows you to upload and save your credentials and personal information. The Arkansas Board of Medicine accepts this way of application submission.

You should pay $375, choose Arkansas Medical Board and it will deliver the required documents to the Board for you.

How long does it take to get an Arkansas medical license?

If you don’t have any missing documents or credentials, it will take about 6 weeks to get your license. But, if you have many years of experience or you’re an international medical graduate you will have to wait 3 to 4 months.

So, this is only the application process. But to be eligible to apply for the Arkansas Medical License you should graduate from a medical school. After that complete postgraduate training and practice and pass the exams.

What is the easiest medical license to get in Arkansas?

Some criteria define whether the state is easy to get a med license or not. Within that criteria are the application process, the reviewing process, and the support that you may expect from the Board.

According to this criteria, the easiest states are Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, Georgia, Tennessee, Maine, Nebraska, and New Hampshire.

So, the most difficult states to get a medical license are Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Florida, New Jersey, and North Dakota.

As you may see the state of Arkansas is within the most difficult states. So, get ready to spend a lot of time gathering all the required documents and meet the requirements for your Arkansans Medical license.

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