Arkansas Plumbing License

Arkansas Plumbing License

If you wish to work as a plumber in Arkansas, you should have an Arkansas plumbing license first. Without the permit, you may not be able to find legal and high-waged work.

To obtain the license, you have to fill out the application form and set up the exam date. In all circumstances, you must have prior work experience and make the necessary payments.

Surely, you may feel as if it is a challenging task to accomplish. By reading this article, you will be able to acquire all the necessary information and instructions, from the application to the renewal procedure.

Actually, if you are an Arkansas resident and want to operate as a plumber here, you should apply for Arkansas Plumbing License.  AK offers several types of permits for journeymen, apprentices, and masters. To get one, the foremost thing you need to do is to contact the State of AK Plumbers and Gas Fitters Examination Board. The board will guide you to undertake the processes on time and correctly.

Licensing requirements for Arkansas Plumbing License

You cannot conduct any type of plumbing job without a special diploma. However, you should take some basic courses and tests to be certified as a plumber. First of all, you need to obtain an apprentice certificate. There are no licensing tests necessary for an Apprentice Certification. Make sure to have the following documents on the application day:

  • For the start, have a completed registration form with you.
  • Secondly, provide a copy of your social security card.
  • Finally, make payments and bring the cheques. Initially, you should make a payment of $25. After that, the annual fee is $10.

If an apprentice wants to work, he or she has to be supervised by a more experienced coworker (journeyman or a master).
After passing this first stage, you can apply for a journeyman certificate.

To obtain a journeyman permit, you have to first complete the state-approved course and have at least 24 months of working experience under the supervision. The initial certification costs $75.

Masters are required to apply for certification after completing the state-approved course and passing an exam. The applicants who have at least five years of experience as a journeyman are welcome to apply for an upgrade. The initial fee is $200 after which you should pay an annual renewal fee.

Besides the above-mentioned points, the applicant must be at least 18.

Arkansas Plumbing License Applications

1st step: If he/she hasn’t been licensed before, the applicant must fill in the initial application form.
2nd step: After successfully completing all the documentation, wait for the board’s answer on the examination day scheduling and details.
3rd step: Finally, take the exam and get at least 70%. If successful, you’ll get the certificate.

Take into account that you must have at least two years of practical and theoretical lessons and up to five years of experience. State also requires to have insurance with the coverage minimum. If you are working for a company, it’s up to them to help you out with your insurance procedure.

Testing & Examination

Apprentices don’t need to pass any testing at first. The only requirement is to learn their work under supervision and make sure they are ready for a journeyman’s stage. If so, there is an exam that is necessary to pass. The state-approved exam consists of 100 questions and you have to score at least 70% to succeed.

Renewal Process

In AK, you should renew your plumbing certificate every year. The renewal process is quite easy and you don’t need a lot of documents. You just have to take your proof of identity with you. The fee and several requirements by the local authorities are based on the permit type.

In short, the initial renewal costs $25, the journeyman costs $75 and the master costs $200.


Unfortunately, you cannot work legally with an out-of-state permit. There is no reciprocity program, and the state doesn’t cooperate with any other state.

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