Arkansas Security License

Arkansas Security License

Becoming an employee in the field of safekeeping entails some demands. Board of Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies of Arkansas issues credentials. However, there are exceptions when one does not need a license. Unless you are not on that exemption list, you must try to get credentials.

There are two types of certifications:

  • Private security officers (PSO)
  • Commissioned security officers (CSO)

License Requirements

There are several requirements for this permit. The future employees must not have a drug addiction. The same goes for periodical or habitual alcoholism. In addition, they are to be mentally stable. A felony, any sexual assault or offense, violent crime, Class A misdemeanor, or other illegal acts may be other reasons for disqualification. Being dishonorably discharged from the military is a basis for disqualification as well. However, the state law allows waiving some of those prerequisites.

PSO – Private security officers

They have to finish Phase I training for a minimum of 8 hours. It is administered by the Security Training Institute of the state. The instruction covers legal authority, report writing, and rules related to the use of force. After the course, the candidates are supposed to pass the exams related to that seminar. In addition, it is vital to be at least 18 years old and having a clean criminal background.

CSO – Commissioned security officers

As far as licensed officials are concerned, they may be armed. That is to say, they can carry firearms or other weapons. But for that, they are to be commissioned. Thus, they have to complete Phase I (8 hours) and II (16 hours) training.

Then, they take the exams to check their knowledge and skills. These seminars include classroom instruction and qualification with a firearm and other weapons. Another key point is that applicants ought to learn marksmanship and weapon safety. At the same time, they ought to master the legal framework of the use of force.

After all, to qualify for an accredited agent:

  • it is necessary to be 21 years old,
  • you need to be a US citizen,
  • never been convicted of a felony or other crimes (unless pardoned)․


The application process is as follows.

  • First, you should fill in the request. PSOs and CSOs use the same form. By the way, the form requires you to fill in info such as name, address, date of birth, and gender. It also asks to submit a driving permit or social insurance number. Answering the questions and providing a statement is a must, too.
  • Then, you have the responsibility to notarize the petition.
  • After that, submit fingerprint cards (for accredited officials only).
  • Finally, present two photos. They must be like your passport photos.

If you are not a US citizen, you should confer documents showing your legal right to work. That can be a work permit, residence card, or naturalization paper. Also, if you have charges, you should list those, too.


Registration for both kinds of workers is the same. It costs $40. But besides that, you pay for a criminal background check. That would be an additional $37.75. In total, you pay $77.75. That fee also includes fingermark cards.

The document is good for 2 years. Then, you have to renew your permit.

Arkansas Security License Renewing

It is essential to complete a renewal request form for refreshing the permit. Note that there are separate blanks for Private and Commissioned safety officers. You ought to pass an additional 6 hours of instruction for the former. Likewise, a minimum of 12 hours for the latter.

Transferring License

For transferring the certification from one company to another, the applicant should

  • complete a transfer petition
  • submit the background check
  • pay the fee of $75.00
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